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Case Study for GSCS® – Materials Management Solution for Menara Networks Inc.

Executive Summary

“Enlisting Global Supply Chain Solutions as our materials management team was a game changer. By assuming responsibility for the supply side of the supply chain, GSCS® delivered scheduling efficiencies, cost savings and quality enhancements…” Siraj Nour El-Ahmadi, Founder, President & CEO, Menara Networks Inc.

Menara engaged GSCS® to streamline their supply chain. The results allowed Menara to quickly enjoy the benefits; materials management and inventory control improved with 24/7 supply chain visibility through SystaiNetTM; component costs were reduced through large volume purchasing; Menara’s ability to scale and speed to market enhanced; seamless execution across multiple Contract Manufacturers; high levels of quality control and accuracy maintained.

The Challenge

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Menara’s supply chain became more complicated as its business expanded to five products: optical networking systems, transceivers, transponders and silicon chips for electronic dispersion. Adding to the complexity, Menara also integrates various products to offer five solutions for protocol-agnostic DWDM transport, Ethernet transport and Ethernet services demarcation. The technical sophistication of its products requires hundreds of parts – some highly customized and each with its own SKU to track.

Menara was using a large Contract Manufacturer (CM), which insisted on procurement control. For Menara, that meant limited visibility into its inventory management. It also shifted Menara’s supply chain to a network of commodity buyers, requiring the company to spend an inordinate amount of time on maintaining relationships with dozens of buyers and continue managing countless small details. Conducting quarterly inventory reconciliation was tedious and problematic.

As Menara’s business grew, the time and resources required to manage such a scattered inventory, and ensure seamless manufacturing escalated, making implementation of a enterprise resource planning (ERP) system increasingly difficult. Menara soon recognized that in order to realize its growth potential and reward its investors, it needed to sharpen its focus on R&D and find relief in supply chain management.

The Solution

With the help of Global Supply Chain Solutions’ (GSCS®) suite of materials management solutions, Menara was able to revamp its business processes and keep its focus on R&D and forecasting. Menara engaged GSCS® to handle the supply side of its supply chain from start-to-finish.

The Results

Teamed with GSCS®, Menara was able to successfully implement key improvements to materials management and manufacturing while improving its ability to scale quickly and reducing its time to market.

Speed to Market

Through scheduling efficiencies, cost savings and quality enhancements, GSCS® has improved Menara’s speed to market.

24/7 real-time visibility into supply chain

With instant and continuous visibility into its supply chain through SystaiNetTM, Menara knows incoming parts are inspected and properly stored, ensuring continuation of high quality manufacturing.

Centralized inventory for seamless execution across multiple Contract Manufacturers
With GSCS® maintaining one centralized inventory, execution across multiple CMs is seamless and efficient.

Reduced costs of components through volume purchasing

GSCS® buys in volume from key suppliers, delivering cost savings which individual companies could not realize alone.

One Bill of Materials

GSCS® assisted Menara in developing a “Super” Bill of Materials (BOM) that handled all of its procurement and supply chain details comprehensively. As a result, parts are now accurately procured and made available according to forecasts.

Single Point of Contact

A GSCS® program manager is assigned as Menara’s single point-of-contact and connection to GSCS®’ portfolio of customer solutions.

Parts delivered according to specifications

Parts and components arrive just as Menara requests them – machine ready customized for Menara.

Timely inventory reconciliation

Superior materials management simplifies Menara’s quarterly inventory reconciliation, creating added savings and improved accuracy.

Maintain internal headcount while expanding manufacturing

While Menara’s manufacturing has expanded, GSCS® takes care of the ever-growing materials management responsibilities so that no additional operations employees have been hired.

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