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Press Release - GSCS’ First Annual Clean Water Cup Helps Fund Clean Water for 50,000 Reports CEO Philip Odette

Global Supply Chain Solutions’ first Clean Water Cup charity golf tournament raised enough money to produce between 10 and 20 clean water wells around the world.

DALLAS, TX [11/4/14]—GSCS CEO Philip Odette announced today that his company had raised more than $335,000 to support Millions from One, a non-profit organization that delivers clean water solutions and antimicrobial shoes to people in need around the world. The money was raised from GSCS’ First Annual Clean Water Cup charity golf tournament and auction held October 9 at the Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas.

In the first week following the tournament, Millions from One was able to use these funds to send a team to Africa that started a water pipeline in Rwanda, completed three water wells in Burundi, and started two more. Now that's action! These clean water wells will provide 50,000 people with clean, fresh water.

The idea for the tournament began when Philip Odette and his team recently traveled to Guatemala to dig clean water wells with the Millions from One charity. GSCS founded the Clean Water Cup to expand these opportunities to others and engage the community in caring for those in need of help.

“After serving on the front lines digging water wells, we realized that there was more work to do than we could accomplish at that time. This was an effort that would require involvement from more than just our team,” said Philip Odette. “Others would need to get involved to help out, and so that’s what we set out to do. I want to bring the attention to Millions from One; they are a fantastic organization and so much of the credit goes to them.”

GSCS was pleased to share its passion for caring with the 144 golfers and the many sponsors who came together to raise money for this great cause.

“We’d like to give a big thanks to all the people who came and supported us at the tournament and helped out prior to the event. We pray that the impact continues. This was beyond anything we’d ever imagined and this cause is greater than any one individual,” said Philip Odette.

You can help this cause by giving to Millions from One, who are in need of regular monthly donations. Click here to donate:

Charity Profile

Millions From One works to provide sustainable solutions that meet the basic needs of life, community, and education. Presently it focuses on drilling deep water wells for drinking and bathing as well as creating and delivering antimicrobial shoes to people in need.

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