Thought Leadership

Why Has Amazon Become A Diaper Company?

Amazon has made a big splash with its private-label of household goods for Amazon Prime subscribers. The Amazon Elements is starting with diapers, a unique offering that doesn’t quite seem a big deal for all. However, diapers are the key to Amazon’s future, and they show all manufacturers and distributors a target for growing their operations.

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Starting Your Journey to Warehouse Automation

Almost all brands and companies with a warehouse operation know that savings can be found in automating processes from palletizing and sorting to retrieval picking. Labor-intensive processes are often viewed as a savings goldmine because the number of employees can be reduced, breaks can be lessened, and mistakes can be mitigated.

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The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Supply Chains

Highly effective people are living in our supply chains and we can learn much about their habits and apply them to our practices. While the first book donning the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People moniker arrived in 1989, we’re in need of a refresh for our supply chains after recent economic struggles.

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